When opening a HoReCa specialised factory in 2010, we based on the great experience of producing the upholstered and office furniture. The base of our company is high quality standards. Furthermore, Trone Grande team provided an insight on producing of chairs from our Italian colleagues. 


Our company possess all the necessary techniques and technologies that are necessary for the production of perfect HoReCa furniture. It allows providing our customers with top quality products.

We have:

  • Big woodwork manufacture;
  • Sewing workshop;
  • Varnish-and-paint workshop;
  • Workshop of metal constructions with uncommon sizes;
  • Upholstery workshop;
  • Division of control and packing of end product.

Our manufacture is a huge design bureau. More than 50% of our projects require designing totally new products. It offers lots of challenges for our team. Professionals know, that common furniture factory can design up to 5 models per year. That is the reason, why their options are really limited. But we created an enterprise, that can cope with a demand of unique products, that can be custom-designed for the project. It doesn’t matter if it’s a restaurant, bar, hotel, café of club our company can design more than 10 models per month. While working up another HoReCa furniture we pay great attention to the design of the model. It is a main perk of our company. Thanks to our cooperation with talented designers and architects, we get the result that we are proud of.


Our staff consists of only experienced professionals. Employees of our designer bureau possess knowledge and skills to work in furniture industry. Working on new models always starts with virtual construction in the special program, which saves time on designing of new furniture. Furthermore, new models are always inspected on proportions and ergonomic aspects.

To make a chair, armchair of sofa for the bar, restaurant or café comfortable we need to stick to proportions and sizes. For example, inclination angle of the back and depth of the seat. In addition, we need to take into consideration stiffness of the filling materials, spring material and many other aspects. We frequently attend popular international trade shows and conferences. It allows us to keep us posted about all the international trends.

Our company frequently face the necessity to upgrade construction of the furniture, that is popular among the professionals by exclusive designs. Sometimes, we adapt our furniture for usage in public zones, like bars, restaurants, hotels or clubs.