In manufacturing objects for HoReCa industry we pay special attention to comfort of the customers and high level of wearability of the product. All these qualities can be applied to the strong and luxury furniture, that is produced from professional certified materials.


Durability of furniture usage is depended on the strength of used carcasses, because this element undergo the heaviest loads. Trone Grande uses carcasses made of beech wood semi-products, that are compliant with the standards of CATAS – European testing system of the seat furniture.

We prefer beech wood, because of its unique qualities. Solid beech wood imitates expensive wood, if you cover it with special wood stain. It’s a lot lighter, then oak wood, but it’s strong and lasting. Beautiful texture and contours of this wood makes it unique. It is, also, very flexible and easy to handle.

On wooden carcasses under upholstered elements we install special rubberized fabric belts. It allows to achieve highest possible level of comfort and orthopaedic effect.

Also, we use metal carcasses made of strong steel. They can handle highest level of loads, but, at the same time, sophisticated and lasting.

For terraces we suggest products, that are made with plastic carcasses, made of polycarbonate and polypropylene. Products, that are made of polycarbonate are more expensive, because it’s strong, light, lasting, scratch and UV proof. Products made of polypropylene are more affordable, but they are, also, strong, resistant to temperature extremes and damage proof.


Notable comfort of seat furniture is provided by fillings, that’s why they can make the seat cushioned or hard. While manufacturing furniture, Trone Grande uses only modern high-quality fillings.

Polyurethane foam is a modern material, that is produced of small cores, filled with air. This material is well-ventilated, that makes the product lasting.

Furniture that is made of this material takes the shape of body, thanks to its elasticity, and has an ability to renew after the loads, and it protect the product from deformation.

Balance of hardness and elasticity company gets from the combination of two brands of polyurethane foam, highly elastic latex polyurethane foam by brand HR and high rigidity polyurethane foam by brand EL.

For filling of the backrests, arm pads and cushions we use such fillings as, moss foam and holofibre. They are eco-friendly and hypoallergic. They keep the shape and don’t create “hothouse effect”.


Trone Grande use fabrics, produced by European factories, that were manufactured according to international standards. Thanks to their wearability, fading resistance, high peeling level, and, also, water and dirt resistance, our fabrics can easily cope with heavy loads.

For upholstery we use collections of natural fabrics, like jacquard, floc, chenille fabric, velvet leather and gunny. Combination of different textures and wide palettes allows us to create unforgettable unique designs.

Also, we use pleather and leather, which are always on the front banner. They are really efficient and lasting, and wide palette provides a wide selection of colours.

Our company follows latest trends in textile industry and use materials with nanoprocessed fibres, that helps fabric repel water and dirt, and, also, make it wearproof.

Sophisticated accessories make our furniture unique. We offer wide range of decorative nails, cants, ropes, sequin and ribbons.


For handling and painting of wooden elements Trone Grande use only top quality paint and lacquer materials. We prefer lacquers and paints, that produced by Italian brands.

We use polyurethane and acrylic lacquers, and, also, water-based colorants.

Lacquer for chairs and armchair has a special formula, that is different from traditional furniture lacquers by high elasticity. Since, legs of the chair always suffer mechanical shock, lacquer helps protecting furniture from scratches and chips, drop of temperature or humidity.

Totally different demands are presented to lacquer cover of tables, where friction is one of the most significant wearout factors. With help of paint and lacquer materials our professionals can create different effects, that can make the furniture vintage or modern.

Latest trend of furniture industry is use of natural oils. Trone Grande widely use them in creating “loft” and “Provence” style furniture.

Booking furniture from our company, client will be surprised by wide range of materials and their quality.