1. Terms and means of delivery?

We deliver from the moment when the product is ready. Delivery on the weekend is provided by prior arrangements. Trone Grande offers their customers a variety of delivery options. Working with leading providers of logistic services, we offer transportation of HoReCa furniture to all the regions of the country.

Delivery methods:

  • Pick-up
  • Courier delivery
  • Address delivery
  • Delivery to the arranged place
  • Delivery and unpacking
  1. Cost of delivery?

Delivery in Kyiv is shipping to one address to the door or building (without going upstairs or bringing it inside the house):

  • Total amount of the order up to 20 000 hryven – auto feed 250 hrn + 200 hrn/hour of car work and 7 hrn/km.
  • Total amount of the order over 20 000 hryven - shipping is free.

Delivery of the order to the regions of Ukraine is provided by “Nova Poshta” or another delivery company according to the current fees. Delivery on weekend is provided according to prior arrangements.

  1. Terms and conditions of warranty?

Warranty period of the HoReCa furniture is 18 months. Working lifespan starts from the moment when products are delivered to the customer. Warranty maintenance is provided according to the current legal system of Ukraine.

Warranty maintenance is a free restoration of the furniture in case, the defect is caused by undue quality of materials, used in production of the object, or manufacture defect. Warranty maintenance is provided by means of substitution or suppress a nonworking elements or products.

Execution period of the restoration from 3 month depending on the type of defect. But we always go towards our customers and try to remove the defects in shortest terms. Meanwhile, warranty term is prolonged only for the time of restoration.

  1. How long does the request is processed?

Requests can be accepted in digital form, and they are processed in working hours – Monday-Friday, 9.00 – 17.00.

When you use the call back option our manager will contact you in 10-15 minutes to specify the essential information and important things about the request.

  1. Terms of payment?

Payment can be made after receiving the invoice. We start working on the order after receiving 70% of payment. Another 30% have to be paid between the end of production and the delivery.

  1. Custom orders: terms of production?

First of all, terms of production of custom orders are depending of complexity of the project and it’s discussed with customer. Averagely, production takes 4-6 weeks.

  1. Where your furniture can be seen?

Wide selection of our products is presented in our show-room, which is situated in Kyiv, Baseyna, 5b, 2nd floor, office 23. How to get to us you can find here. When you visit our office, you can find comfort and quality of our products, and, also, discuss any questions over a cup of good espresso.

  1. What means category of fabric?

 Our company presents wide selection of fabrics, that’s why we divided them into categories. We have 10 categories, that are marked with letters A to K. Price of the fabric depended on its category.

There are few criteria of choosing the fabric:

  • For places with 2-3 stars you can choose the categories A-C.
  • 3-4 stars – categories A-D.
  • 5 stars – A-F.
  • Designer projects – whole range of categories.
  • Private houses and apartments – C-K.
  1. Is there any discount?

We have a flexible discount system. Discount rate depended on the number of products and total amount of the order. For some projects we have a special discount and offers.

  1. Why there is no price?

Price policy depended on many factors. First of all, price is depended on: category and colour of fabric, type of wood and metal, task complexity, variations of possible discount and the number of the requested models.

  1. How to create a request?

There are 4 ways of creating a request: filling in the feedback form, from line “favourite”, filling in the call back form or calling yourself.

  1. To create a request, you need to fill in the special feedback form on the website in section “Contacts” and specify your contact details, here you can upload files and write the message.
  2. Add products, that you like to “favourite” and press the button “Submit a request”.
  3. You can order a call back with the special “call back” form, filling in your phone number and name, and later our manager will contact you.
  4. Call the phone number, that is indicated on the top page of website and in contacts. We accept calls Monday-Friday from 9.00 to 17.00


  1. How to send a request few products?

If you want to find out the price for few products, use the function “Favourite”. When you press the button “add to favourite” that is situated under the product, this model automatically is added to the line. Maximum number of models in the line is 8. In bottom of line there is a button “Send a request”, then fill in the form and send a request.