The warranty period for HoReCa furniture is 18 months. The technical lifespan starts from the moment when the customer received the product. 

Intermediate maintenance and service of the furniture are provided according to the current legislation of Ukraine. 

It’s important to strictly follow the instructions, that are provided with the products. In another case, the manufacturer can’t guarantee the claimed work lifespan of the product. 

Warranty service provides free reparation of the furniture in case if the discovered defect caused by the inappropriate quality of used materials or manufacturing defect. Warranty service is substitution or removal of unworkable elements or products. 

The performance period of the service is from 3 months, depending on the type of damage. But we are always meeting the expectations of our customers and do our best to fix the product in the shortest period of time. Warranty term prolongs for the time of the service.

In case of the absence of necessary material on stock of the manufacturer, service can be delayed for the term, necessary to order and deliver the material. Before making a decision we agree on terms with the customer. 

In order not to have any faults and breaks it is necessary to follow the operational manual.

Main requrements on taking care of the furniture

Before using the furniture, please, read carefully these rules. Not following these rules can lead to damages, that are not covered by the guarantee service.

  1. Before using the product, please, read carefully the annotation to this product. 
  2. Reference conditions of the service: air humidity 45-70%, temperature +10C-+35C
  3. Furniture should be placed correctly, according to their purpose in the safe distance from the heaters. 
  4. Secure the product against the direct sunlight, to avoid discolorment of its elements. 
  5. You must be very careful when moving the furniture around.
  6. Avoid contact with the sharp objects with the furniture, because it can lead to irreversible damages.
  7. It is important to test the screw connections, and fix them if necessary. 
  8. Don’t let aggressive chemical agents contact with lacquer-paint finish.
  9. When choosing the detergent pay extra attention to the instruction of use. When you use strong chemicals on the products it may leave stains and bleed lines.

What are NOT manufacturers defects?

  1. Transportation of the product can lead to wrinkles and inequalities, that can be easily removed. You can notice the deformation on the stuffed cushions, but you can easily fix it by fluffing them.
  2. There can be a discreet scent, that can be caused by the materials used in the manufacturing of this product. If the product was made of leather, there can be the peculiar scent of the material. There can be slight scuffs, wrinkles, or pulling of upholstery material. You must remember it when choosing the products, made of natural materials. 
  3. If you use faux-leather as an upholstery material small wrinkles can appear on it. Peels are not a manufacturers’ defect. 
  4. Sometimes there can be noticed a small difference between the color of leather or fabric, that is used in the upholstery of the product, comparing to the sample piece. A slight difference between decoration elements, their shades. The difference in patterns and colors on the wooden and leather products are allowable and are not the warranty service case. 
  5. If you use transparent or semi-transparent lacquer-paint finish, wooden furniture can have lumpiness in their structure. It highlights the natural texture of wood and it is not a case of poor quality. There can be a slight difference in the color of paint because different parts of the wood absorb paint differently.