Trone Grande offers professional HoReCa fabrics. Our services are not only manufacturing furniture, but also the delivery of the products. You receive the product in immaculate condition.

Trone Grande offers customers different choices of delivery. We cooperate with the leading logistic companies of Ukraine, we deliver HoReCa furniture to all the regions of Ukraine. Furthermore, we have partners and customers in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Great Britain, and Belarus. 

Due to our great experience of foreign sales, we could make our work flawless. To save our products Trone Grande uses the newest technologies and packing methods. That’s why sofas, armchairs, chairswindow seats and other furniture is delivered in immaculate condition.

How we pack our products?

At buyer's option we can provide different types of packing:

  1. Products are packed in the boxes, made of 3-5 layer cardboard.

  2. Products are packed in the soft stretch wrap or stretch wrap.


Customers can choose the optimum packing alternative and after choosing the packing, seller counts up the cost of the each parcel separately. 

Types of delivery from the Seller to the Buyer:


Type of delivery 

Code of delivery

Delivery includes

Definition of the delivery

Self pick-up



Dispatch of the products from our warehouse, Kyiv region, Hostomel, Radgospina str, 71

This type is good if you have your own logistic department and you choose the preferable time and route of the pick up of your products.

Courier delivery



Delivery is provided by courier delivery services, like Nova Poshta, InTime, Mist Express.

A convenient way of delivery in case there is an affiliate of the delivery service in your region.

Door-to-door delivery



You order is delivered by the van, cargo truck, or courier (no unpacking, no assemblage, no packing).


The perfect way, if you have stuff, who can offload and assemble the products.

Packed delivery


Your order is delivered by cargo truck, van, or courier and it is offloaded (no carring, no assemblage). 

Економічно ефективний спосіб, але потрібно мати кошти для транспортування товару.

Delivery to the specified place


Delivery of the products to the place, you specified.


A convenient way of delivery, if the transport can’t approach to the dispatch place. We bring the products upstairs, but you have to specify the preferable time of dispatch, availability of the elevator, and floor. 

Delivery and unpacking


Delivery to the specified place, dispatch, unpacking, and pick up of the packing material.

Unpacking of the furniture can be a time-consuming process. Cardboard boxes are bulky and take a lot of space. We are ready to pick up all the packing materials from the products.

Assemblage and arrangement of the products


Delivery in specified place of dispatch, unpacking, and assemblage of the products.

A convenient way of delivery, if you want to receive the ready to use furniture. Our staff is well-trained and they are seasoned professionals. They can assemble and arrange the furniture quickly and efficiently. We assembly only the products, that we manufactured. We pick up the packing material.

The buyer chooses the most convenient way of delivery and after choosing the way of delivery seller counts up the cost of each parcel separately.