Catalogue of Professional Furniture Fabrics

Custom-made furniture for cafes and restaurants can accent the style and personal touch of the interior. Correctly chosen upholstery material can make the furniture fit in the whole designer’s concept.

The serviceability of the upholstery material for HoReCa furniture is quite different from the ones for home furniture. Due to intensive operation, tougher requirements are imposed upon these materials. 

Trone Grande range of products consist of more than 40 collections of professional fabrics with high performance indicator, that are meeting the requirements below:

  • durability

  • fire-resistance 

  • pollution and water resistance

  • UV-resistance

Fibers of these materials are protected by the latest nano-technologies in furniture textiles.

We guarantee high-quality of the upholstery materials. 95% of the fabrics we use are produced by European factories.

For the comfort of our clients, and in order to save their time, we broke down our catalog into categories, that helps to choose the perfect color, pattern, and handle of the fabric easily and fast. To help designers and architects we created special sections. In section “super commercial” we combined best fabrics when the quality meets the price. 

Section “project-oriented” consist of fabrics and their combinations, that let easily and harmoniously combine colors and textures in one interior.

To help you to find out about the prices we have 12 categories of fabrics (from A to K), that indicate their characteristics and price. The higher the category of the fabric, the higher the price of the product made of this material. 

Need help? You can get qualified information and get help with the choice of the upholstery material, from our specialists, that have years of experience in the field of professional furniture. Contact us: (044) 384-31-81.

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