It’s not always possible to equip new place with furniture within a short time. The reason can be lack of time, technical complications or problems with delivery of materials. But these complications can’t affect the business.

Trone Grande treats with respect projects of customers, that’s why we offer them the service “buffer stock” furniture. It has lots of advantage. First of all, you don’t have to ruin your plans and reschedule opening of your café, restaurant or bar. While your order is still in production, you can use temporary furniture. In the collection of Trone Grande you can find lots of beautiful, and yet, comfortable furniture. Main purpose of this service is to back you up, while you wait for your end products. Buffer stock is provided for free.

Advantages of this service:

  1. In case of incomplete package of the place, thanks to buffer stock, you will be able to open it on time.
  2. This service gives you an opportunity to avoid imposition, due to replacement, reparation and processing of old furniture. When you send your old furniture to the restoration, buffer stock will come in handy. You can comfortably work without schedule breakdown.