Finish of the Furniture


Furniture is an accent of the interior, that attracts attention. Fabrics and accessories make furniture more sophisticated and unique. But we put special attention to the finish cover of wooden products.

Appearance of the product and durability of its use depends on the quality of paint-and-lacquer materials and specific characteristics of the wood. Finish cover makes furniture presentable, as well as, durable and abrasion-proof. Trone Grande collected more than 30 kinds of quality finish covers from European manufacturers, that most important qualities of paints and lacquers:

  • estheticism;

  • high durability;

  • water-proof; 

  • environmental-friendly;

  • resistance to chemical bleaches.

To save the texture of the wood we use clear or toned lacquers. The use of colored paints and enamels can cover the natural color of the wood and can bring different effects, depending on the filler.

We use modern technologies and materials in our work, that allow us to create special effects. “Provence” or “decape” aging of the wood makes the furniture look antique. The use of traditional, Florentine, or Venetian patina creates an effect of silver-plating, aging, or denigration. 

Also, special paints and lacquers allow us to imitate metal, make gold-plating dull, and form more distinct. They make it look aged and antique.

With the help of our catalog, where you can find our palette and special effects,  you can choose a perfect finish for your furniture. And qualified managers of Trone Grande can consult you on any question.