What you need to know about the accessories?

An important part of the creation of exclusive furniture is finishing with decoration elements, that highlight the distinction of the model and advantages of chosen upholstery fabric. Choosing from lots of different accessories, style of the furniture and its purpose must be taken into consideration. For decoration of the sofas, armchairs, chairs, and other upholstered furniture different decoration elements, like upholstery nails, lacing, piping, curl cords, rhinestones, buttons, and many others can be used. 

Molding (casted nail tape) is made of nail-heads of a certain caliber. Nails have not just a decorative function but also cover butt wells. 

Decorative ribbons, piping, and ropes are trims, that are used for draping furniture, to form the strict outlines and complete forms. These elements are produced from few different colored fibers, that let them combine different fabrics, that can be used in the interior into harmonious combination. Upholstered furniture for restaurants and cafes looks luxurious and appealing with these elements. 

Rhinestones and buttons can be of different forms, colors, and sizes. They are widely used in the capitonnage technique, which was invented by French craftsmen. The main feature of capitonnage is rhombic or square quilting, that creates volume pattern. Capitonne looks beautiful on different upholstery materials, such as satin, velvet, leather, or faux-leather. 

Thrust bearings are very important accessories, that enable smooth movement of the furniture in the room. There are two main types of thrust bearings:

  • Felt – used for solid surfaces, like parquet or tiles, to protect the floor from scratches.

  • Plastic –  used for carpeted floors, providing easy sliding.

Correctly chosen type of thrust bearing can provide an easy movement of the furniture without leaving any traces.